About Us


With the aim of providing business opportunities to entrepreneurs and Small scale financial business that need to expend their business, Starfish Myanmar Microfinance was incorporated in December, 2013 formerly known as DDPC Microfinance. In accordance with the changing use of digital technologies in various sectors, Starfish Myanmar Microfinance has prepared to change with a Digital Payment system to facilitate the submission of loan applications and the repayment of loans.


To be a trustworthy financial organization and technology driven financial service provider in Myanmar to developing economy and serving our clients necessary financial problems.


To be a first and smooth process to apply loan and obtain a loan at the lowest cost

To develop the interests of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who are needed for the expansion of small and medium-sized enterprises and the grassroots class of manual laborers, and to raise the standard of living.

Our Objectives

To facilitate and smooth the procedures to be carried out in the loan application submission and loan repayment process.

To reduce the use of documents by switching to a paperless system.

To improve technical knowledge and experience the benefits of technology by using the Starfish Myanmar Microfinance Digital Payment System.

Benefits of SMM Apps


By having the application in your mobile phone, you can easily submit the application, saving time. Relief from tiredness


There is no need to keep documents as you can review the application records you have submitted in the Application.


You can find out the status of the submitted application just by visiting the application without having to call and inquire


After the loan application is approved, the detailed information of loan repayment can be found out by accessing the application without having to save it on paper.


The application will also notify you on the repayment day, so you do not have to remember the dates specifically and you can avoid forgetting and overdue dates.


Easily to find out the nearest agent locations for repayment.